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What we do

Skillfinder is a resume acquisition and recruitment-based service. Each service we offer is carefully tailored to deliver maximum value to our clients.

  • Recruitment Advertising
  • Selection and Shortlisting
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Online Interview

How it Works

Recruitment Advertising - This service allows employers to advertise their vacancies on the website which can be completed with or without the inclusion of the Skillfinder team. It can be done 2 ways.

  • Email all the job details to our our team, and we will post and monitor the vacancy for you.
  • Or you can Post your Job yourself by logging in and completing this form.

Selection and Shortlisting - This service will be performed by the Skillfinder team. It entails, searching our database for suitable candidates that matches the vacancy's portfolio, interviews and background checks. The most common criteria, but not limited to are:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Location
  • Attitude & Character

Interview Scheduling (beta) - This service is developed to enhance the employer and employee experience with convenience. It allows employers to:

  • Shortlist Candidates
  • Schedule Interview Dates and Times
  • Location or Online
  • Received Confirmation of Interview from Jobseekers
  • And Reminders
  • All in Real-Time without ever picking up your phone or sending an email.

Online Interviews (beta) - This service is another service that is developed for a convenient experience for both the employer and employee. After selecting Online during the Interview Scheduling process, employers can initiate an Online Interview at the selected time identified.

This service incorporations a video calling application that runs directly from your browser on PC and mobile devices.

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