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Crematory Operator / Funeral Attendant - Jobs

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Crematory Operator / Funeral Attendant
Funeral Home
Full Time:
January 28, 2022
Not Disclosed



The Crematory Operator will have the responsibility to ensure that the body is properly received and processed at the crematory, and that the cremated remains are returned to the authorized person(s). Family members may be allowed to witness the cremation, so a crematory operator must have the skills needed to perform their task with sensitivity and deference to the family.

Funeral attendants are responsible for various tasks, including placing the casket in the chapel before services, organizing flower arrangements and lighting around the casket, being attentive to mourners’ needs, closing the casket, and storing funeral equipment after services are completed. He/she assist the driver of all related tasks mentioned above.

General Duties:

  • Care for the deceased in a respectful manner while performing all the tasks involved in the cremation process
  • Receive remains and ensure all documentation is complete
  • Complete all required documentation with respect to cremation process and equipment maintenance
  • Strict adherence to all legal regulations applicable to the cremation of human remains
  • Promote a safe work environment and adopt general principles of safe conduct
  • Maintain the crematorium, equipment and adjacent facilities
  • To ensure the needs of the customers are satisfied at visitation and funerals
  • To obtain the necessary documents for funerals
  • Ensure the coaches and removal vehicles are clean
  • Removals and any other company business that needs attending to as required by the dispatchers
  • Must be professionally attired at all times when on duty
  • Any other functions as requested by Management


  • Ability to show respect and sensitivity toward customers
  • Must operate equipment in a safe and careful manner
  • Must comply with OSHA and the guidelines concerning storage and use of chemical substances. Also, the Environmental Management Authority of Trinidad & Tobago (EMA) 
  • High level of compassion and integrity
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Good customer assessment skills
  • Willingness to assist mourners
  • Problem solving skills
  • Ability to multi task and set priorities
  • Detail oriented
  • Professional and team player


  • At least 3 CXC passes, including English and Mathematics
  • Certificate in training program specializing in funeral service or mortuary science
  • Previous experience in operating a Crematorium is a plus
  • Training in Customer Service
  • Valid Driver’s License

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