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Project types Marketing, Sales
Skills Business managment, sales, marketing and business development
Project types Business & Accounting, Data Entry & Admin, Sales
More info Customer Service Training.   Extensive experience and skill using Google products, Microsoft Office, Adobe products and other IT related software.   Experience in managing corporate & large accounts/ portfolios.   Practical use of motivational techniques to drive a sales force to achieve and surpass sales targets.   Introduction to Credit Union Organization and Management Training which includes: Accounting & Financial Management, Risk Management, Legislative Insights into Business Operations and Communications. Defensive Driving.   Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Training & Counter Terrorism Financing.   Robbery Prevention & Awareness Training Introduction to Insurance Training.   Basic Fire Life Safety & Use of Fire Extinguishers.
Project types IT & Software, Websites
Skills Websites, social media, coding, training
More info it.hassantt.com
Project types Human Resources, Local Jobs & Services
Skills Paralegal and Commissioner of Affidavits
Project types Business & Accounting, Data Entry & Admin, IT & Software
Skills Information Technology
More info Finance Inventory
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